Soal TOEFL Subjunctive and Preference dan Pembahasannya
Dalam soal Structure and Written Expression Anda juga bisa menemukan soal dari bentuk subjunctive dan preference ketika menghadapi tes TOEFL.

1. Soal Subjunctive

Subjunctive digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu keinginan atau keadaan yang tak terpenuhi atau untuk menyatakan situasi yang bertentangan dengan fakta. Ada dua bentuk subjunctive, yaitu present subjunctive dan past subjunctive.
Beberapa kata yang menunjukkan subjunctive yaitu: wish, if only, would rather, as if, as though, suppose, atau would rather.

A. Present Subjunctive

Kata kerja yang digunakan dalam bentuk present subjunctive adalah kata kerja ke-2, sedang to be yang digunakan adalah were untuk semua subjek.

  • I wish I knew his address now.
    = I am sorry I don’t know his address now.
  • I wish I were happy now.
    = I am sorry I am not happy now.

B. Past Subjunctive

Sedangkan wish + (that) subject dalam bentuk past perfect digunakan untuk past subjunctive.
  • I wish (that) I hadn’t spent much money.
    = I was sorry I spent much money.
  • I wish I had been rich.
    = I was sorry I wasn’t rich.
Contoh-contoh kalimat subjunctive
  1. He is sitting quietly as if he were exhausted.
  2. If only he had eaten many apples yesterday.
  3. I would rather you came back now.
  4. Suppose I got there early.
  5. He laughs loudly as though nothing happened.
  6. I wish I could speak English well.

2. Soal Preference (Pilihan)

Sedangkan Preference adalah ungkapan untuk menyatakan pilihan atau kesukaan. Biasanya dinyatakan dalam struktur kalimat-kalimat berikut.
  • prefer
  • like .......better than........
  • would rather......... than......
  • would prefer........rather than.......
Jika pilihannya kata benda:
  • I prefer apples to oranges.
  • I like apples better than oranges.
  • I would rather have apples than oranges.
  • I would prefer tea rather than coffee.
Jika pilihannya kata kerja:
  • I prefer dancing to singing.
  • I like dancing better than singing.
  • I would rather dance than sing.
  • I would prefer to dance rather than sing.

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Contoh Soal TOEFL Subjunctive and Preference dan Pembahasannya

1. I’m planning to go to a party tonight, but it’s raining very hard now. I wish ______.
    A. it stops
    B. it will stop
    C. it would stop
    D. it has stopped

Jawaban : C
Key word :
Pembahasan : Karena harapannya diungkapkan untuk keterangan waktu tonight (nanti malam) maka kalimat ini termasuk present subjunctive. Jadi kata kerjanya adalah would.

2. Rust can deteriorate a steel pipe to such an extent that it will snap easily _____ it were a twig.
    A. if
    B. unless
    C. as though
    D. although

Jawaban : C
Key word :will snap easily
Pembahasan : Klausa it were a twig menandakan kalimat ini adalah kalimat conditional atau subjunctive karena hanya dalam bentuk-bentuk inilah it dapat disandingkan dengan were. Dalam kalimat yang dibandingkan adalah steel pipe (pipa baja), snap (patah), dan twig (ranting). Jadi pilihan yang tepat untuk perbandingan ini adalah as though (seolah-olah).

3. She went to the blackboard as if she knew how to solve the problem. The underlined words mean ...
    A. She actually can’t solve the problem
    B. She ought to know how to solve the problem
    C. she definitely knew how to solve the problem
    D. She should know how to solve the problem

Jawaban : A
Key word :as if she knew how to solve the problem
Pembahasan : Pernyataan as if she knew berarti “seakan-akan ia tahu”. Jadi ini menandakan orang tersebut sebenarnya tidak tahu cara menyelesaikan soal tersebut.

4. I am sorry I cannot go to the airport to see your mother off. I wish I _____ to work overtime tonight.
    A. wouldn’t have
    B. haven’t had
    C. don’t have
    D. won’t have

Jawaban : A
Key word :tonight
Pembahasan : Pengharapan yang dinyatakan merupakan bentuk present subjunctive sehingga menggunakan kata kerja would.

5. Being an outgoing person, Andrew _____ his time with friends on Saturday nights than stay at home.
    A. might be spending
    B. would rather spend
    C. could have spent
    D. ought to have spent

Jawaban : B
Key word :
Pembahasan : Dalam preference kata than berpasangan dengan would rather.

6. “Why don’t you ask your sister to come along with us to the movie?”
    “I did, but she _____ stay at home.”
    A. used to
    B. could
    C. might
    D. would rather

Jawaban : D
Key word :
ask your sister to come along; stay at home
Pembahasan : Percakapan di atas menunjukkan bahwa si saudara perempuan lebih memilih stay at home daripada to come along to the movie. Karena itu untuk menyatakan pilihan (preference) kata yang tepat adalah would rather.

7. “Tita, are you going to see the dentist this afternoon?”
    “I wish I didn’t have to.”
    We may conclude that _____ to the dentist.
    A. she doesn’t have to go
    B. she needs to go
    C. she is willing to go
    D. she has gone

Jawaban : B
Key word :
I wish I didn’t have to
Pembahasan : Klausa I wish I didn’t have to bermakna “Kuharap aku tidak harus pergi”. Kalimat ini berimplikasi bahwa walaupun ia tidak ingin pergi, ia diharuskan pergi (she needs to go).

8. “You didn’t like the horror film you saw yesterday, did you?”
    “You’re right. I really wish____”
    A. I did not see it
    B. I would not see it
    C. I had not seen it
    D. I have not seen it

Jawaban : C
Key word :
you saw yesterday
Pembahasan :Klausa you saw yesterday menunjukkan bahwa di sini kita membutuhkan past subjunctive. Bentuk subjunctive ini membutuhkan kata kerja dalam bentuk past perfect yaitu had not seen.

9. The past few years in the last decade the rate of crime has been high due to the increase in the rate of unemployment. Today people wish the local government _____ first priority to the solution of this problem.
    A. gives
    B. would give
    C. had given
    D. will give

Jawaban : B
Key word :
Pembahasan : Penggunaan kata today menunjukkan bahwa di sini kita membutuhkan present subjunctive. Karena itu kata kerja yang dibutuhkan adalah kata kerja bentuk kedua yaitu would.

10. My sister acted as if she were the actress.
      This sentence means _________
      A. She is an actress
      B. She was an actress
      C. She is not an actress
      D. She was not an actress

Jawaban : C
Key word :
as if she were the actress
Pembahasan : Klausa as if she were the actress bermakna “seakan-akan ia adalah aktris”, padahal dalam kenyataannya bukan. Jadi sebenarnya ia bukan seorang aktris.

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11. The serval, a large African wild cat, hunts like a dog so like other members of the cat family.

Jawaban : C
Key word :
like a dog; other; cat family
Pembahasan : Pada kalimat kata benda serval disetarakan dengan dog yang dibandingkan dengan cat. Jadi kalimat ini membandingkan dua hal yang berbeda. Jadi perbandingan yang tepat adalah rather than, bukan so.

12. Suzy had better to change her study habits if she hopes to be admitted to a good university.

Jawaban : B
Key word :
had better
Pembahasan : Frasa had better diikuti oleh kata kerja dalam bentuk pertama tanpa to. Jadi seharusnya berbunyi had better change.

13. The sea mammal “medusa” is popularly called a jellyfish because it which looks rather like jelly.

Jawaban : C
Key word :
Pembahasan : Kata because merupakan kata penghubung yang harus diikuti anak kalimat. Jadi it sebagai subjek anak kalimat membutuhkan kata kerja (looks), bukan which looks.

14. The gibbon ranges over than an area wider other apes do.

Jawaban : B
Key word :
the gibbon; other apes
Pembahasan : Kalimat ini bermaksud membandingkan gibbon dengan other apes dalam hal an area. Namun susunan frasa benda dalam perbandingannya tidak tepat. Than an area wider seharusnya a wider area than.

15. The woman in red asked me a lot of questions as if she was involved to the problem we faced.

Jawaban : C
Key word :
as if
Pembahasan : Penggunaan as if pada kalimat menunjukkan bahwa ini adalah bentuk subjunctive. Karena fakta pada kalimat berbentuk lampau (asked, faced), maka ini adalah bentuk past subjunctive. Jadi subjunctive-nya harus dalam bentuk past perfect yaitu had been involved, bukan was involved.

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